The Weekend is a special gathering of family and friends with a history of celebrating our unity and diversity in Jesus – including people from different generations, ethnicities, cultures and work/life backgrounds. Through small group interactions and various activities, meaningful relationships develop and deepen.

This year’s speaker is Steve Savelichj who has traveled the world on behalf of the United States Senate and House of Representatives weekly breakfast groups. These groups meet to study key principles of Jesus and to encourage one another to follow Jesus’ example of servant leadership. Steve’s other international involvement includes high-tech, medical, and educational humanitarian projects as well as interfacing with people in government, marketplace, and non-profit leadership roles. Steve is passionate about teaching and mentoring, and he helps with both the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, and Rotary International. Steve and his wife, Jan, make their home in Eugene, Oregon, where they live close to family and friends.

The Weekend will gather at Young Life’s “The Canyon” — located on Washington Family Ranch in Central Oregon. It is a beautiful setting for rest and is also full of adventure opportunities. The location is noted for its beauty as well as its sunshine and warmth in early September.

Families are welcome.

Date: Friday, August 30 – Monday, September 2

If you have any questions, please email