Senior Associate

Jeff Vancil is a Senior Associate with executive responsibility. In any given week, you can find Jeff being a loyal champion of college students, young professionals, business leaders, civic leaders, and everyone in between. He is a big University of Washington fan and some say he bleeds purple and gold.



Grant Gustafson is an Associate with Centered. Grant helps with event coordination, team administration, and leads discipleship groups. Grant is passionate about seeking the presence and voice of God on a daily basis… and also the Portland Trail Blazers!



Emily Jamieson, an active partner in ministry for more than a decade, finds the most joy when partnering with her husband, Marshall. She loves to do life, work and ministry from a place of rootedness in Jesus and her family. She has a deep passion for discipleship and encouraging spiritual, mental, and emotional health in people, especially young adults. As a business owner of Jamieson Coaching, Emily has worked as an Academic Coach for 10 years, and she often speaks and writes for an array of ministries. Her first priority is wife and mom of four boys: Tucker Bennett, Wesley and Finn. She also happens to love poetry, a good soccer game and London Fogs.



Marshall Jamieson, has a passion for telling others about Jesus and encouraging them in their faith. His mission is to awaken hope in others through meaningful experiences that uncover passion and purpose. Along with taking a role in thinking programmatically about Centered’s events, Marshall invests in intentional relationships with college and post college guys who desire to grow closer to Jesus. Prior to joining the team, Marshall served on Young Life staff as an Area Director over 11 years. The highlight of Marshall’s life is being married Emily and raising four rambunctious boys: Tucker, Bennett, Wesley and Finn.


Senior Associate

Karen Johnson, is married to her best friend Dean, is mother to Chris, Jake, Karli and son-in-law Zack, and is Gramma to Tennyson and Clinton. She is an R.N. with a BSN from the University of Washington, is a co-founder of SHARE (Sexuality, Health, and Relationship Education), and has worked at Group Health hospitals. Karen taught at Bellevue College and Bellevue Christian High School, where she also coached golf for 11 years. Prior to joining Centered, she worked for the Luke 1248 Foundation, where she led an initiative for women and youth. Karen’s passion continues to be sharing the love of Jesus and investing in the next generation. She loves to golf, ski, waterski, hike, SUP, and explore God’s amazing world.


Program Manager

Alexis Philips loves connecting people to one another and to great experiences that root faith. She graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a BA in Organizational Behavior and has worked in a variety of settings including radio, brain research, investment banking, and served as a preschool director. Alexis is married to her best friend, Troy, and together they have two kids: Gavin and Angela. After choosing to set her career aside to stay home and be Mom, she joined Center to focus on event management and program development. Alexis is passionate about family, friendship, really good coffee, books from a variety of genres, gardening, and mountains.


Senior Associate

Wes Anderson is a Senior Associate with Centered as well as the team’s voice of reason and wisdom. Wes has experience all around the world serving simply as a friend and an ambassador of Jesus. In his spare time, Wes enjoys getting away and spending time with friends and family at Tumble Creek.



Donna is from Virginia and she graduated from Radford University with a degree in Elementary Education. Donna spent 25 years raising her family in Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan and Jerusalem while pursuing a faith that works in the real world where there is war and terrorism, death and conflict. She discovered the principles of the Kingdom of God as demonstrated by Jesus. Principles that include how to hear God’s voice and walk in your true identity and destiny. When put to daily practice, these principles result in peace that surpasses understanding and truth that results in genuine freedom.



After decades of work in the trenches of some of the world’s highest conflict areas, Jamie has learned what it takes for individuals to discover the transformative power of living fearlessly in their true identity. Jamie, formerly a police officer in the metro Washington DC area, had a unique opportunity to work in SE Asia while in his early 30’s. He saw this career change as an open door of possibility to reach a higher level of potential in his vocation. He packed up his family, earned a Master’s Degree, then moved to a small island in Indonesia. Little did he know that he would live the next 25 years working with Muslim populations in Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan and Israel/Palestine.