“We are welcoming of people. We don’t put them in boxes before we greet them and get to know them.”

Muna Zahr was born in Palestine, raised in Lebanon, and arrived in the US in 1975, six weeks before a civil war broke out in Lebanon that would last 15 years. Through it all, Muna has learned that the Jesus of the Gospels transcends all racial and cultural differences.

Story Discussion Questions

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 How do you stay centered on Jesus in your personal life?

Having the Mind and Heart of Christ within me by using this empowerment as the filter for my actions daily.
However, the tools I use to maintain the connection and the growth:

  1.  Read the Word
  2. Memorize the Word and write it on the tablet of my heart as the Truth
  3. Meditate on the Word to make it part of my thinking process
  4. Pray it into my life thus feeding my Soul and Spirit
  5. I Act on it in my choices and when asked about its influence in my life, I share it.

Jesus’ of Nazareth Life is the Blue Print by which I relate my daily actions and thoughts. I do my part and ask and seek that He does His part too.

What advice would you give to someone at or near the bottom of the corporate hierarchy who aspires to lead and serve others?

As a follower of Jesus and a believer of His expressed principles on Leadership : If you want to be first be last and if you want to be a leader of others then be a servant. In the world of business a person is defined by his business title. For me, I always believed that my title is already given and my job is to do the best to honor that title and not what man has labeled me with in business or social terms. Cleaning in the places where no one else sees is honoring the title by following Jesus. The reward is in the unseen and not the seen. The monetary value and the status does follow when we seek His way first. Others will be affected by this Light and they will bestow favor upon you. However, a constant reminder where it all came from keeps me humble and thus helpful to those who are under my leadership. I was there once too.

How does your work serve the Lord?

Right now, through hosting and travel, I serve by building relationships and friendships with people who might be considered different or alienated. I have been able to bring some of those who might not meet together otherwise and encourage them to consider Jesus’ challenge to all of us in what we call The Great commandment: “To love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength”  and the second commandment which is as important as the first: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. These discussions based on friendship takes those people to a place I like to call the common ground. This road does lead to reconciliation more than any other I have learnt.

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