What is the Gospel?

The Gospel is a Person, and His Name is Jesus.

Ask 100 people, “what is the gospel?” and you may get 100 different answers. So what exactly is… the gospel? It’s more than religious mandates. It’s more than a core set of correct beliefs. It’s more than forgiveness of sins. It’s the summation of all things in a Person named Jesus.

Scripture Memory Verses: John 5:39-40, John 14:6, Colossians 1:27-28, Galatians 2:20, John 17:3

Jesus Curriculum Resource: “What is the gospel?” Teaching Guide

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Pete Shimer

During the days, Pete lives into the reality of truth of the Gospel as CFO of Deloitte. During the evenings, Pete shifts his attention to point the way for teenage girls he coaches in soccer. His life is a testament against the “Tyranny of Or” (i.e. the idea you can only do this or that) and a testament to the joy and fruit of an abundant life with Jesus.

Margo Engberg

As an entrepreneurial small business owner and mother of four adopted children, Margo is a model for what it means to live into relational dependence on Jesus in the hardest of times and to see the treasure in others far before they see it in themselves.

George Toles

George Toles lives by the adage, “focus on forever.” What would it mean to live with a relenting focus on your own forever and those around you?


Lesson 1: What is the purpose?

The purpose of our lives is to love God and love people.

Lesson 2: What is the gospel?

The Gospel is a Person, and His Name is Jesus.

Lesson 3: What is the work?

The work of God is to believe in Jesus.

Lesson 4: What is the ministry?

The primary ministry of a follower of Jesus is reconciliation.

Lesson 5: What is the church?

The church is the body of Jesus Christ.

Lesson 6: What is the method of leadership?

The method of leadership is to serve with and through Jesus.

Lesson 7: What is the kingdom?

The kingdom of God is the rule and reign of King Jesus that begins in our hearts.