2017 Governor's Prayer Breakfast


Introducing the 2017 Governor’s Prayer Breakfast (Washington State).

Link to see footage from the 2017 Prayer Breakfast

The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast is a historic event which takes place annually. The purpose of this event is to unite as a state, celebrating what God has done in our community and praying alongside our current civic leaders for the current challenges we face. The first Prayer Breakfast was held in the 1930’s as Mayor Arthur Langley and Goodwill Industries founder Abraham Vereide gathered the city’s leaders to pray. This gathering later sparked the tradition of the Washington State Governor’s Prayer Breakfast and eventually the first National Prayer Breakfast (or, the “Presidential Prayer Breakfast” as it was then called) in 1953.

Today, the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast is governed by a “prayer and planning team” of volunteers who meet year-round to plan the event. These volunteers include marketplace and civic leaders from around the county. The vision of the event remains the same as when it first began: to lift our state and its leaders as we unite in prayer.

To register for this event, please visit http://www.governorsprayerbreakfastwa.org/.

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