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Centered Team


Jeff Vancil

Jeff Vancil is the Executive Director of Centered. In any given week, you can find Jeff meeting with college students, business leaders, civic leaders, and everyone in between. Amidst everything, Jeff has a passion for Jesus and helping disciple the next generation of Jesus-centered leaders.

Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson is a Senior Associate with Centered. Karen supports and encourages Civic and Marketplace leaders, disciples young women, leads several discipleship groups, and helps to plan and coordinate Centered events.  In her spare time, Karen loves to play! Golf, skiing, paddle boarding… whatever gets her outside in God’s creation. Time with family and friends is a top priority, as well as volunteering with a family through Jubilee REACH center.



Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is a Senior Associate with Centered as well as the team’s voice of reason and wisdom. Wes has experience all around the world serving simply as a friend and an ambassador of Jesus. In his spare time, Wes enjoys getting away and spending time with friends and family at Tumble Creek.


Grant GustafsonGrant Gustafson is an Associate with Centered. Grant helps with event coordination, team administration, and leads discipleship groups. Grant is passionate about seeking the presence and voice of God on a daily basis… and also the Portland Trail Blazers!

Eddie Wang

Eddie Wang is an Associate with Centered. Eddie helps develop resources for centered.org, coordinate event logistics, and lead discipleship groups based on the scripture and the Spirit. In his spare time, Eddie enjoys reading, learning, and helping lead Sleepless in Seattle, a grassroots initiative to serve the homeless in King County.


Centered Council

Centered’s Governing Council consists of experienced leaders in the Greater Seattle area who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment of service to the community. They provide regulatory oversight and mentorship to the Centered working team. The names of the council members are listed below:

Alyssa Petrie, Philanthropist
David Bluhm, Entrepreneur, (Member Finance & Audit)
George Petrie, CEO of Goodman Real Estate
Heather Valencia, Philanthropist
Jack McMillan, Former Co-Chair of Nordstrom (Member of Finance & Audit)
Marvin Charles, Executive Director of DADS
Russ Johnson, Entrepreneur (Member of Finance & Audit)
Scott Hardman, Managing Director, Alexander Hutton (Chair)
Chi-Dooh “Skip” Li, Senior Partner, Ellis, Li & McKinstry
Teresa Wakeen, President, Wakeen & Associates
Danielle Burd, EVP at Umpqua Bank
Kristi Brumbaugh, Philanthropist

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